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***CARP FISHING TV*** DVD Carp Fishing Edges Vol. 4 FULL 3.5hrs

Carp Fishing Edges is back! Volume 4 brings you carp angling variety in abundance.

***CARP FISHING TV*** Fox Edges Volume 4 – The Challenge Euro Special!

As part of the 2016 Edges Volume 4 DVD we set Mark Pitchers one of his toughest ever Challenges – which included catching carp from three different countries outside of the UK!

***CARP FISHING TV*** The Challenge Christmas Special 2015!!!

Mark Pitchers returns with a special edition of the Challenge filmed for Christmas Day. With Rob Hughes making a guest appearance you are sure to enjoy this festive offering…

***CARP FISHING TV*** The Challenge Episode 9 – Bully’s Special

The eagerly awaited episode 9 of the Challenge with Mark Pitchers is finally here. Mark visits Farlows to attempt to succeed in his latest mission set via the Fox Facebook page.

***CARP FISHING TV*** The Challenge – Episode 8 – River Revenge!

Well folks enough of you wanted to see this happen, we have challenged Mark Pitchers to return to a river to try and catch a river carp. This time its the magical June 16th – can he succeed?

***CARP FISHING TV*** The Challenge Episode 7 – Harry’s Revenge!

In the latest installment of The Challenge, Mark Pitchers is tasked with tackling ‘Harry’s Revenge’.

***CARP FISHING TV*** The Challenge Episode 6 – Roll Your Own Boilies

In the first Challenge of 2015, Mr Carpy, Mark Pitchers visits the Linear Fisheries Complex in Oxfordshire.

***CARP FISHING TV*** The Challenge Episode 5 – Bait Bucket Roulette

Mark Pitchers returns for episode 5 of The Challenge and this time he visits Mallard on the Stanwick Lakes complex to attempt the Bait Bucket Roulette challenge – will he succeed?

***CARP FISHING TV*** THE CHALLENGE episode 4 – Supermarket Baits

For the latest instalment of Mark Pitchers’ ‘The Challenge’ series, he is set the task of catching 3 carp on 3 different baits that he has to purchase from a supermarket.

***CARP FISHING TV*** THE CHALLENGE episode 3 – River Carp

Mark Pitchers returns for the 3rd installment of ‘The Challenge’ and this time he has been set the task of catching a carp from a river!

***CARP FISHING TV*** THE CHALLENGE Episode 2 – Top, Middle and Bottom – Linear Fisheries

Episode 2 of our Challenge series with Mark Pitchers sees Mark attempt to catch a carp off the bottom, on a Zig and off the surface in 36-hours and all fish have to be a minimum of mid-double.

***CARP FISHING TV*** THE CHALLENGE Episode 1 – Catch on 3 Lead Setups

Welcome to the first episode of our brand-new ‘The Challenge’ series that is exclusive to Fox Fishing TV.

***CARP FISHING TV*** FOX EDGES DVD Volume 3! Full 4-Hours!!!

The wait is over folks here is out Carp Fishing Edges Volume 3 DVD in full! 4 hours of action-packed sessions featuring our team of UK consultants.

***CARP FISHING TV*** NEW DVD Vol. 2 Carp Fishing Edges – 4-HOURS!

Watch Volume 2 of our Carp Fishing Edges DVD here in FULL HD!


Here is the full length new Carp Fishing Edges DVD that we have recently released.

Find ‘Em Feed ‘Em Fox ‘Em – Consultants vs Management FULL 56-minute DVD!

This action-packed video is filled to the brim with top tips and tactics to help you catch more carp.