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Prologic Last Meter – Simple bottom bait boilie rig with Adam Penning

Prologic’s Adam Penning talks us through the simple bottom-bait rig he uses when targeting the ‘less-clean’ areas of the lake bed.

Back to the Secret Garden

Back to the lovely Secret Garden for a few days in the spring. Carp action, tips and tactics.

The Secret Diaries of Dave Lane – Part Two

Part two is a super length special! Prepare yourself for Carp action – lots of it!!

Carp Fishing with Simon Crow at Weston Park

Simon Crow fishes for a week at the amazing Weston Park run by RHFisheries. He catches a handful of dark old carp and enjoys a quality session in a stunning setting.

Rainbow 2016 the island

Welcome to the rollercoaster ride that is Rainbow,this video documents two of my trips to whats undoubtedly the best lake in the world were my dreams of finally catching a rainbow monster has come true…….

*PROLOGIC 2017* – Field Test in Paradise with Adam Penning & Enrico Parmeggiani

Prologic Brand Manager, Enrico Parmeggiani is joined by UK Consultant, Adam Penning to put Prologic’s brand new 2017 range through their paces on a wild, untouched European water.

*PROLOGIC 2017* – How to create the perfect Helicopter Rig with Adam Penning

Prologic’s UK Consultant, Adam Penning shows us how to create the perfect Helicopter Rig.

Austrian adventure 1

Carp Fishing: Steve Briggs spends a week in Austria targeting some of the best-looking big carp you’ll ever see!!!

The Secret Diaries of Dave Lane – Part one

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for! The fishing has been on fire on St Ives lake, but as a tactical move Laney had to keep things quiet – and boy did it pay off!!

ROYAL CARP FISHING – Simon Crow at Windsor Park!

Carp fishing brings us to many different places, some more pleasant than others. In this film Simon Crow is invited to carp fish at Virginia Water on the Windsor Great Park. The fishing was challenging, but persistence was rewarded with two incredible carp!

Targeting big carp – Full length feature DVD with Dave Lane

Dave Lane and Marc Coulson of Total Carp Magazine head to the Quarry Fishery in Essex in pursuit of big carp!
In this full length feature DVD Laney reveals his tactics for big carp, and talks through his TF Gear and FishSpy carp fishing tackle.

***CARP FISHING TV*** DVD Carp Fishing Edges Vol. 4 FULL 3.5hrs

Carp Fishing Edges is back! Volume 4 brings you carp angling variety in abundance.

Avid Carp Next Level Carp Fishing Volume 2

The lad’s head of carp fishing – targeting tricky big fish venues from around the UK. We’ll covers all the tips and advice you need for carp fishing at different styles of venue, something you can incorporate into your own carp fishing in 2016.

Korda Masterclass 3 – European Canals

Korda Masterclass 3 – European Canals

Korda Masterclass 3 – Pop-Ups

Korda Masterclass 3 – Pop-Ups

Korda Masterclass 3 – Long Range Fishing

Korda Masterclass 3 – Long Range Fishing

CC Moore – Seasons of Carp – Summer Reflections – Full DVD

In our summer episode, we visit a number of venues with some of the countries best anglers as they bring you a whole host of tips, tactics and techniques…and of course, some magnificent carp!

Euro Banx 2 – Full Carp Fishing Movie – Nash Tackle

This is a standalone version of Euro Banx 2 (as seen on the 2016 Nash DVD). Alan Blair and Oli Davies set of on another road trip around Europe, this time better prepared and with a huge list of epic carp fishing destinations. Enjoy!